“Self Empathy is the secret to every successful relationship you will ever have”

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“How often do you create the time to understand yourself and what you need to thrive?”

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Why a Self Empathy Journal? 

The foundation for effective self-leadership is self- empathy and self-knowledge. Only by developing an accurate, deep understanding of, & empathy for, your strengths, values, and other traits can you begin to manage yourself effectively.

This requires a high degree of objectivity and the ability to separate reality from one's expectations and perception of reality. In short, you need to slow down enough to succeed at self- empathy.

What Is Included?

This journal is separated into five key sections. You will find the introductory self empathy vision board to set you up on your journey. this marks exactly where you are right now.
You will then find 31 days of journal entries for you to use throughout the month. each page needs 10 minutes daily at a time convenient to you. you need time, calm & quiet to commit to each entry.

Every 10 days I have included one of my tailored self-empathy exercises taken from my global training programs with brands like Coca-Cola, Standard Chartered Bank, and Aditya Birla. these give you a more active learning opportunity & exercise to deepen your progress. You will need an additional 10 minutes for each.

At the end you will have the opportunity to revisit your vision board and review the impact of your 30 day self empathy & reflection journey. has getting to know yourself more deeply changed how you see yourself and your understanding of what you want and need to thrive?

How to Use This Journal?

This journal is designed to lead you through one month of self empathy practice. within this month, you can take 10 minutes a day, at a time most convenient to you to slow down enough to consider the day ahead - or the day gone by - and take your own learnings, reflection and peace with, and from, this.

You can download this and fill it in online, or my personal recommendation would be to print this and use a pen to fill this in. feel the paper, feel the stroke of your words, hold your progress physically in your hands.

There is something magically empowering and inspiring about having the result of your commitment in the ‘real world’ to go back to whenever you wish. I am here to help anytime. just send me a DM on Instagram.