We are far more alike than we are different

"We are far

more alike than

we are different"

Empathy Everywhere teaches your teams and your business the Regenerative Leadership skills they need to act on this reality, and to impact your people and our profits equally.

30 years of declining empathy levels, skyrocketing levels of burnout and a loneliness endemic exacerbated by 2020,  2021 and 2022's working reality has left our world and our organizations disconnected, anxiety ridden and suffering from a lack of innovation & creativity, under performance, low morale and high absenteeism.

As our business world continues to face turmoil, war, and socio-political crises in nearly every market, our leaders today face an ongoing cycle of unexpected challenges that creates a far deep need for leaders to understand not just the ‘why’ of their brands, but the ‘why’ of their people.

It will be your ability, as a leader, to embed an approach of regenerating your workplaces and team with empathy and connectivity, that will build the resilience and tenacity needed to deliver in the years ahead.

Reappraising our work environments and how we train our teams is no longer an option. It is every organization's quickest and most effective tool for growth and profit that balances humanism with capitalism.

Teach Your Teams to Listen with The Listening

" What I appreciated about this process was that I saw people really listening to each other, even through they may have had a different viewpoint."

Listening Room Participant


What I appreciated about this process was that I saw people really listening to each other, even through they may have had a different viewpoint.

Listening Room Participant

The Listening Rooms are participatory rooms (virtual or in person) that teach teams and individuals how to listen, and to speak, in a way that truly allows us to be understood, and to understand. Powerful for teams of all sizes, these engaging workshops, designed by Mimi Nicklin, enable, teach and leverage active and deliberate listening and communication within workplace culture, communities and team structures. These rooms inspire participants to shift from 'listening to respond' to actively 'listening to understand and engage' and are collaborative and participatory sessions held in break out rooms. This approach offers a deeper ability and skill set for all employee levels to improve listening, relationships, trust and engagement with an ability to more effectively use communication, body language and verbal language to connect. Participants leave with renewed ability for accurate and active listening to be used in meetings, negotiations, client interactions  and the ongoing workplace environment. Interested in organizing a Listening Room for your team or with your consumers?

The output of The Listening Rooms includes:

* A deeper ability and knowledge surrounding listening and effective inclusion engagement and communication in the workplace.
* A wider understanding of audiences and how to use your voice for more effective results and response.
* Improved corporate dialogue and team communication.
* Heightened conflict management and negotiation skills.
* Elevated confidence in using your voice for growth and effective communication in the workplace.
* A shift from listening to respond to actively listen to understand.

Contact us at sayhello@miminicklin.com to book.



We work

better together

    As organizations and people, we are no longer thriving - we have forgotten that we work better together and that human understanding is the core of all success.

Organizational Empathy Training and Cultivation

The Empathy Everywhere programs are built around your organizational, leadership and brand building/storytelling needs, and cover three key areas of training content as aligned to Mimi's proprietary processes:

(1) Leadership and Team Communication
(2) Empathetic Storytelling & Brand Empathy
(3) Wellness, Confidence & Inclusion.

The program modules deliver actionable change to your team in terms of:

* Improved communication skills in teams
* More effective teamwork
* Higher morale and leadership connection
* Higher performance and output levels
* Lower absenteeism and staff turnover
* Improved levels of creativity, innovation and strategic thinking
* Elevated stage presence, confidence and presentation skills delivered by deeper self empathy and audience empathy.
*Wellness, Inclusion, Safety & Confidence at work

*For all marketing & storytelling consultancy work, please click here*

Outlined below are a sample of our program content but these will be adapted to your needset, team or event requirement:


  • The ROI of Empathy
  • Is Empathy your Secret Leadership Super Power?
  • Is Empathy the missing "E" in D&I success
  • The unique bind between empathy and productivity
  • Humanity's Key to Creativity
  • Organisational Empathy, Connected, Communication & Confidence.
    The Future of Female Engagement, Equity and Motivation


  • Listen Up! Learn to leverage your listening. This workshop looks at team communication including neuro linguistic lessons to elevate the proven power of empathy at work.
  • Your Spotlight: Find the joy in communicating and presenting on a stage for more effective presentations.
  • Make Wellness Work: Discover elevated self-comprehension and the ability to have greater self-awareness, discipline, and sensitivity to connect more effectively diverse colleagues and team members.
  • Fuel Your Growth with Creativity: understand the power of creativity in confidence, personal positioning and output and drive human led engagement within corporate environments.


"The more the world talks about empathy, the more empathy the world will have."


Empathy for


From fiction to leadership, creativity to academia, The Empathy For Breakfast Show, hosted by our founder Mimi Nicklin, is a candid, charming and insightful weekly snapshot into our shared humanity and mutual connectivity alongside guests from all over the planet. Unlike other conversations out there, these twenty-minute engagements are part contemplative, part consultative and part storytelling. The show has been designed to offer business leaders, marketers and communicators uplifting and value-driven though leadership as well as a weekly dose of humanity. The Empathy for Breakfast Show inspires a new view of Regenerative Leadership, connectivity and empathy, as you pour your tea.

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